Walking home on a beautiful night. (Taken with Instagram at Williamsburg Bridge)

Oh, hello New York. There you are. (Taken with Instagram at Rooftop 65 Roebling)

After dinner picking at the lodge. (Taken with Instagram at Cataloochee Guest Ranch)

Family reunion time! (Taken with Instagram at Cataloochee Guest Ranch)

John called this one Mary after his grandmother. (Taken with Instagram at International Rose Test Garden)


Over the next few days, I’ll be posting photos, video and commentary from the trip that I didn’t have time to over the past few weeks so check back for more content in the days to come. I’ll also be posting content from my time in Portland.

Our driving may be done, but the adventure is not!

It’s been a whirlwind trip, but this morning I dropped Dad off at the airport. I’m sticking around Portland for a few days, but will see my lovely family in just a few days for our annual family reunion, then back to New York City for this girl!

We’ve been through a lot of emotions on this 8,000+ mile trip: exuberence, shock and awe, aggrivation, and of course we’re sad to see it end, but excited to see where it goes all at the same time.

We’ve already planned our next cross country trip: Seattle, Washington to Portland, Maine!! But we’ll give it a few years before we tackle that one ;)

the3six5 (my post for 07/29/12!!)

I was lucky to have a chance to contribute to the3six5 blog yesterday. It’s a internationally crowd-sourced daily journal of the year, and my day just happened to be the last day of our Epic American Road Trip.

Check out my post by clicking on the link above (the post title), and please read some of the other posts while you’re there too! It’s a great project, and so cool to look back at the year through the eyes and words of people from all over the world.

WE MADE IT!!! (Taken with Instagram at Powell’s City of Books)

An Alpine Fondue snack and we’re on our way!! (Taken with Instagram at Timberline Lodge)

On our way up to Mt. Hood before the engine finally stops in Portland this afternoon. (Taken with Instagram)

I am 100% sure I’ll regret posting this, but here it is…

In dedication to my dear sister, Robin, who made us the mixed CD we’ve listened to on repeat for the past five weeks, Dad and I—in a one-time performance—bring you “Red Solo Cup” (though we could never perform it as well as my niece, Jessie).

"classy" hotels and watching the Olympics. Can’t believe tomorrow’s our last day! (Taken with Instagram)

After a very thorough scientific analysis, Dad and I concluded that we like the exact opposite kinds of beer. Of course, in discovering this, we are now drunk. (Taken with Instagram at 10 Barrel Brewing Company)

Strawberry Sugar Wafers, Dad’s version of an energy bar. Note how excited he is about his chocolate milk too :) (Taken with Instagram)